UNDER THE SKIN collection

The purpose of my new collection titled “Under the skin” is to hold a mirror up to our modern society: to highlight the increasing isolation and alienation of the individual in the industrial world.
The collection portrays a dystopian world where garments form a new tough layer of skin that protects its wearer from any kind of intimacy. This new layer, just like the complex skeletal alterations of a dinosaur, protects the body with armour, horns, spikes and headdresses from the outside world. They represent the new attire of the forthcoming emotional ice age.
This avant-garde vision of the future is based on traditional designs. Our past and ancestral heritage is indelible, but change is inevitable.
The spirit of my work is characterised by the amalgam of the traditional and modern designs. My goal was to create outfits that would penetrate the souls of the people and focus their attention on their own fragility and over-protected Psyches.


designer:Klara Kalicz

photo: Attila Udvardi

mua: Laura Tegely

hair: Vivienn Militaru

models: Sarah/ Attractive

Nivy/ Icon

designer assistant: Dominika Meszaros